ABC Radio Canberra with Lish Fejer, chatting to Cooking Circles

by ABC Radio Broadcaster, Lish Feyer

Lish speaks to Lyn in the Currie Crescent kitchen

5 years ago Heidi Lipson starting Cooking Circles in Canberra.

She had the idea when she was living and working in Timor Leste. Looking for a way to connect with her host family she found the best place to start was in the kitchen chopping, shopping, cooking and chatting about food, family, stories and histories. From that came a connection to the community and people. When she returned to Canberra she started Cooking Circles as a way of bringing people together through the simple act of cooking and sharing a meal together.

Making two kinds of Enchiladas 

ABC Canberra Field Reporter Lish Fejer followed her nose to the Currie Crescent Community Centre to find the hall and tiny little kitchen buzzing with industry – people cutting capsicum, crumbling feta, stirring sauces, washing dishes, laying tables, welcoming people, pinning on name tags and having a good time. It was like a big family lunch get together with everyone lending a hand.

Lish Feyer checks out Currie Crescent’s compost system and the garden.
Tryphena and Heidi speak to the Currie Crescent network, and Heidi’s toddler Hugo seeks out a high-five. 

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More from Karalyn @ Food Plant Solutions: Think Global, Act Local

Interview by Anna White

Recently I chatted with Karalyn Hingston. Karalyn is the Executive Officer and only paid employee of Food Plant Solutions – a small organisation which is achieving great things on a shoestring budget both at an international level and in Australia. I found it inspiring to learn of a small Australian organisation achieving positive outcomes and punching well above its weight. Cooking Circles chatted with her last year and here she gives an update on the organisations’ international development projects.

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Served with Doses of Love

Cooking Circles volunteer Anna White sat down with Sunita and Sanjay of Daana. Here’s a little of that conversation!

Sunita and Sanjay Kumar, who run Daana restaurant in Curtin describe themselves as chefs and social entrepreneurs.

Sunita and Sanjay originally started their first restaurant in Canberra at the Westside Container Village.  They specialised in Indian street food from this venue and it was a big hit. Continue reading “Served with Doses of Love”

A chat with Narelle Happ

Cooking Circles volunteer Anna White spoke to Narelle Happ about her passion for bush tucker, gardening, and community.

Narelle Happ is well known to Cooking Circles after running some workshops in Canberra on bush tucker.

Narelle studied permaculture, horticulture and landscape design. She is a permaculture teacher and works as a landscape designer for Sydney Wildflower Nursery, a native a specialist nursery.  She also works as an educator in seed raising, garden design, citrus fruit, pruning, permaculture, composting and worm farming.

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Yellow Ladybugs and Cooking Circles: Empowering Autistic Girls

By Jeanette Purkis

This article was originally published on Jeanette Purkis’ blog, and is available at You can read all about Jeanette and find all her musings at

I spent this afternoon at a Cooking Circles event with Yellow Ladybugs – two organisations which are in Canberra and whose work I really value. Continue reading “Yellow Ladybugs and Cooking Circles: Empowering Autistic Girls”

Recipes from travels in Timor Leste

Ikan Sabroko – Baked Fish

by Ana Guterres

Ingrts.; 1 whole Snapper or Salmon optional, 1/2 of ginger, 1 Garlic clove, 1 whole Onion, 1/2 stick of Lemon grass, 2 bunch of Basil leaves, 1 whole lime, 2 tbsp of Soy souce, 3 or 4 lime or Lemon leaves, 1 teaspoon Salt, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder or 1/2 cubed fresh turmeric, 1 bunch challot choped, fresh sliced chilli optional, 2 tbsp olive oil and banana leaves or ALFOIL

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Apples & Plastics this World Environment Day

I am determined to break my fixation with plastic bags and plastic stuff. That statistic I heard somewhere. sometime last year might be vague in context but has been wedged deep in my brain ever since – every piece of plastic ever produced still exists in some form. A lot of plastic, right?

If plastic were not a man(woman)made material then having something stick around for generations would be a good thing. But the only materials and objects that should become permanent pieces of our natural surrounds should, I think, be natural.

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A new year and a welcome

The first newsletter for the year is out, and it’s full of cooking and community goodness.

It’s great to be back and seeing in a new year, slowly. I’m still moving at a Carribean pace, and thinking fondly and what has been a magical wedding and honeymoon over December and January. Magical truly is the word! But on with the show….

Cooking Circles has started the year by organising a fun workshop with local Canberra restaurant, Pod Food. On a whim I contacted Sam of Pod Food via social media late last year, after Circles volunteer Michele ran a packed restaurant event with Taste of Bangladesh in Manuka. Sam’s idea of an outdoor paella gathering at their restaurant on a summer night sold Michele and I, and the workshop sold out in under a week. Our paella sess will go ahead this Wednesday with 30 women from many different walks of life.

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An ‘Unconventional Apology’: Interview with Chantal

1. What sparked your project, The Unconventional Project? And could you tell us a little bit about what the project does?

Unconventional Apology Project (UAP) was sparked by a tragedy in my family. (Trigger warning: this interview contains a story of domestic abuse and violence from the ‘read more’ tag).

Image courtesy of the Unconventional Apology Project

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Finding Food Plant Solutions: Interview with Karalyn

To say I was excited when I first heard about Food Plant Solutions is quite the understatement. Through Canberra Friends of Dili of which I’m a casual member, I was contacted by a fellow member who suggested I speak to Karalyn of Food Plant Solutions in Tasmania. There were synergies, she explained, with my interests in Timor Leste and its vast edible plant diversity. And it didn’t take me long on this mob’s fascinating website before I was contacting Karalyn to talk more.

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