Island time: Atauro Island…

IMG_2900The sun has slipped over the horizon. It takes me a full minute to realise this, even though I’ve been watching the sky change colour. Now the sky is a delicate blue and pink. I’ve done nothing but swim, eat, snorkel and read historical fiction. My skin is dry with salt and my skin is browner than it was three days ago. There are tan marks on my feet from my Birkenstocks and the scalding Timorese sun.

Atauro has impressed me with its beauty and the bold greetings from kids and adults. I’m at ease here. It is impossible to be anything but. My eyes are bright and I walk steadily. I wear swimmers and a loose dress only.

I’m drifting somewhere between the simplicity of my surrounds (sun, coconut trees and a hammock) and my future. I’d love to live overseas to understand people and their country. Will I come to Timor Leste again? I hope so. I was explaining just afternoon something I discovered cannot be explained in full… the fascination I have for Timor Leste. I recall the friendly warning from a colleague before making my first trip, “I’ve a warning for you. That place will get in your blood”. Touché.

~ Heidi x

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