Staying calm. I’m anxious about the dSep 16 008ays ahead because I worry that they may simply not happen if things come up for the women…as they do for all of us at anytime, of course, quashing plans. But please, not today. Or tomorrow. I’m also feeling frustrated with myself because I should be able to see past this concern and focus on planning how I’ll video and cook, what ingredients I’ll need, which language to use and when, how to make women on film feel at ease, what to film and how much commentary to give, what I need stills of…

I’ll meet Obalita today and we will cook at her place. She’s delightful, she’s young and she’s generous. When we met the first time her dad gave me a bag of mangoes from the tree in their yard (read about that in Aguasal: Portugese Fish Soup). I met kids in her neighbourhood, cheeky ones, and a highlight. I know she’s looking forward today, and I will not worry that she’s not responded to my text yet. I hold my breath and hope for the very best.

~ Heidi x

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