The tired end of adventure

Canberra contrastCanberra… Home sweet home.

Part of me is longing for Timor Leste already! But after a 20-hour journey through three airports with little sleep, I’m ready for bed.

Studying Canberra in the taxi from the airport to home, and flying in over the great city, I can’t help but make matches and mismatches with Dili in my mind. Both cities are held by hills and mountains topped with a bright blue sky. And then they’re different, opposites even. They are Friendship Cities to each other, and I suppose it must be the people that bind these two cities more than their cityscapes.

I look at my suitcase and peel the dusty clothes from the pile. The trip was extraordinary. ‘Cooking Circles’ were not what I expected. They were far less methodical and much more interesting. Facilitating a host and her circle of friends to cook together became combinations of meeting, cooking, eating, cooking for, and accepting generous invitations from friends.

I’m off to sleep and dream of faraway lands.

~ Heidi x

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