So it’s official!

Last week (Wednesday 15 April), Cooking Circles was celebrated and went public with a launch at local café, The Front Café and Gallery. The event was a chance for attendees to hear all about what Cooking Circles is, the story so far, and why it exists. More than 40 people crammed into the tiny café and snacked on a recipe inherited by the Timorese from the Portuguese, seafood rissoles, and shared platters of tropical fruits.

I spoke about Cooking Circles, hoping to captivate the audience there, crossing my fingers that I would do justice to this little but powerful idea of bringing women together to cook, and sharing this with the outside world.

The night was magical. I loved it. I was utterly grateful for the encouragement that people offered me, and for the ideas that were scribbled and spoken about where to take the project next.

A video capturing the trip to Timor Leste last September was launched on the night (watch below).

I hope a little of Timor Leste stays with you.

~ Heidi x

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