Rethinking my take on Feminism

Up until five days ago, I thought feminism meant choices. Women choosing in the big and the small decisions about life, what we do, in line with what we value. I thought that to be a feminist, and part of a self-proclaimed feminist and gender equal society, would be measured by women exercising all the decisions over our lives.

But now I’m not so sure.

Those five days ago, I had breakfast with a friend. A sharp, articulate, honest… male.

Female or male… I don’t know whether it matters that he was the one who had me put two and two together, but in any case, that’s exactly what he did. The next day, an article from him — a timely reiteration, written by The Conversation’s Meagan Tyler and titled “No, Feminism is not about Choice”.


Tyler expresses her point perfectly — that suddenly made the raging, messy debate a more thoughtful and powerful one which forced me to decide where I sat with, the now elusive, choice + feminism concept.

Read my in depth thoughts here

~ Heidi x

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