Upcoming Events

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Recent Events

  • Pod Food Paella Workshop for women and girls
  • Currie Crescent Twilight Fete  at Currie Crescent Community Centre
  • Unpacking the Indian Lunchbox at Joy India in Erindale
  • Mother’s Day High Tea inviting all women and girls  at Michele’s home
  • Bush Tucker Lunch with Narelle Happ for NAIDOC Week at Currie Crescent Community Centre
  • Mother and Daughter Filipino Lunch
  • Dosa making Workshop at Daana Restaurant
  • Timor Leste and its’ future: Discussion Panel and Community Garden Fundraiser
  • Pakistani cooking and Henna-design Luncheon
  • Bush Tucker Workshop for NAIDOC Week 2016, kindly supported by Bendigo Bank
  • Canberra Islamic Centre Luncheon in partnership with Woden Community Services
  • Taste of Bangladesh Workshop
  • St John Ambulance Volunteers and Feminists join a Currie Crescent Cooking Circle
  • Plus these gorgeous, in-home dinners and lunches:
  • Mum’s Country Cooking
  • Estonian Cooking Circle
  • Irish Cooking Circle
  • Tryphena’s Friday Circle

On-going Events

Weekly lunches at Currie Crescent Community Centre

Each week a different ‘host’ leads the cooking with recipes close to her heart, teaching these to a group of 5-15 women. The group dine together. Currie Crescent provide the kitchen and each woman brings $5 to cover ingredients.

Wednesdays during the school term, 11am-1.30pm at 11 Currie Crescent, Kingston

Cost $5; RSVP and contact

Weekly lunches with Gungahlin Cooking Circle

Wednesdays, 11.30am-1.30pm

Full details and RSVP via ‘Gungahlin Cooking Circle’ group on Facebook, or email

Watch this video of one of our Cooking Circles hosts, Tryphena. The first section of the video was taken in the lead up to her event, and the second immediately after the event.

Tryphena’s Cooking Circle: before and after from Heidi Zajac on Vimeo.

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