5 Minutes with Jacqueline Evans

Thanks for sitting down to speak to Cooking Circles this month. I reached out to you because I related to your feel-good newsletters targeting women and their wellbeing. You run a business, Jacqueline Evans Skin Care that is built on some core principles of health and wellbeing. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Absolute please Heidi. I am thrilled to be here. My background in nutrition and naturopathy led me in a round about way over many years to creating a line of natural skin care. I believe that skin care should be based on science, nature and common sense. Continue reading “5 Minutes with Jacqueline Evans”

The year that was…

In the final edition for 2015, Cooking Circles has a lot to celebrate.

From fundraising for Alola to holding joint Cooking Circles with Canberra-based campaign This Is Not A Wife Beater, talking about the work of the Dili community medical centre and the Bairo Pite Clinic… I’m sending out a big thank you to all those who mean so much to me. There’s also a list of the volunteer positions we will be looking to fill in the new year too…

Happy reading & listening! I look forward to creating a new year of Cooking Circles with you all…

~ Heidi x

Recipe: Tukkir

IMG_2977How I love this dish. I’ve blogged about it during my trip. I wrote about it countless times over Facebook to Berta in between visits. I ached for the dish every day in Timor Leste, hoping one day, soon, there would be the kind of celebration that called for Tukkir to be prepared.

I’ve said before that making Tukkir is about as wonderful as eating it. For me that’s because the entire family gathers to prepare the dish, kicking back while they work methodically and slowly, telling tales and joking throughout. People appear relaxed. At their finest. Day turns into night, and the fire is lit as the sun drops out of sight. After 2 hours on the fire, the edible part of Tukkir is removed carefully from bamboo. There’s anxious silence as the Tukkir is revealed. Sudden laughter cracks in the air and seats are taken anywhere they can be to tuck into the wonderful, the very special, Tukkir.

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Island time: Atauro Island…

IMG_2900The sun has slipped over the horizon. It takes me a full minute to realise this, even though I’ve been watching the sky change colour. Now the sky is a delicate blue and pink. I’ve done nothing but swim, eat, snorkel and read historical fiction. My skin is dry with salt and my skin is browner than it was three days ago. There are tan marks on my feet from my Birkenstocks and the scalding Timorese sun.

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