The store. Is live! Cooking Circles has an online store with beautiful handmade products. Each item sold helps support women and girls in our network to keep building community through Cooking Circles.

With the wonderful time and skills, all pro bono, from local artist Kaye Lister that selling a range of products for a much needed income stream to Cooking Circles has been possible.

Our tea towels feature a 2018 calendar and eco, non-toxic painted block prints on 100% linen. Each one has been individually handprinted and each design created by Kaye. 

Made with love and with the purpose of sustaining Cooking Circles, we’re pretty sure you will love our tea towels! With 6 designs to choose from, in vegetable, fruit and floral print, and made of beautiful linen, your brightly coloured tea towel will make a perfect gift or addition to your kitchen.

Tea towels are available to order from today via Etsy. Don’t shop online? You can purchase a tea towel at Currie Crescent Community Centre at the following times. Please bring cash as card facilities are not available.
Wednesdays during the Cooking Circle, 11am-1pm
Monday – Friday from the office, 9am-2pm

We’d love to hear your feedback so do get in touch. Please pop a post featuring your tea towel on social media to help us get the word out, too!

Find our products on the CookingCirclesShop at