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Thank you for your interest and we’re always happy to chat if you have other ways you’d like to help or just want to chat.

If you’re interested in our work and would like to contribute to Cooking Circles, either once off or ongoing, please contact us. There are a few activities which are especially relevant to the project right now.

  • Cooking, blogging and photography Contact us through the page if you have recipes from Timor Leste or you have cooked with the same ingredients you see featured in Cooking Circles.
  • Write for us We have a guest blog that will be celebrating the many and diverse perspectives and stories about food and Timor Leste. If you’d like to write for us contact us through the page with an outline of your idea and tell us a little about yourself.
  • Skills Translation (Tetun, Portugese and Indonesian); compiling ingredient/recipe/cooking layouts for a range of mediums; and editing and videoing skills will help us at present and in our future work.
  • Donations Most social and community projects are able to do what they do thanks to financial support. Your contributions will help us make future cooking trips, pay our colleagues in Timor Leste for their work, supply camera and recording equipment and basic training to women in Timor Leste, and start our work on a cookbook. Contact us through the page or email

We hope you’re enjoying our Cooking Circles stories.

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  1. Mostly women of Timor-Leste are interested in cooking because inside the family itself, they are the ones who provide meals to the family members everytime. Some of them are being trained since they were young by their mothers and even participating to any ceremony or party in the community living.

    So, I am really impressed this Cookingcircle Program as it is truly endorsing the women or men for being professional cooks and gaining some income through this way.

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