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Cooking Circles is generously supported by YWCA Canberra.

The YWCAs small grants project to young women in the Canberra community really is a great initiative. This year 5 grants were given to women starting their own project or to attend a conference and do something great to build their potential and strengthen women in their communities.

I was thrilled to become a recipient of a Great Ydeas Grant in 2014 to establish the Cooking Circles initiative. The grant has enabled me to launch my blog, travel to Timor Leste to undergo cooking, writing and videoing, and establish some of the foundations for this small but gutsy social enterprise.

If you’re a young women (under 30) living in Canberra and have a Great Ydea, visit YWCA Canberra website and find them on Facebook.

For more information & to become a member of YWCA Canberra go to www.ywca-canberra.org.au.


RRI Logo 2015 v5

The support of Rambling Ranga Ink. owner, Jessica Schumann, has been invaluable to Cooking Circles, in particular to establishing this blog and getting social media up and running. Jess’ talent, passion and moral support have helped the project get established. Thanks Jess! More about Rambling Ranga Ink and how Jess can help your start-up and entrepreneurial self can be found at ramblingranga.com.au.



With heartfelt thanks to Mikaela of The Makers Collective for her graphic design genius creating the logo for Cooking Circles. Check out The Makers Collective Canberra workshops by visiting themakerscollective.com.au.

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