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Thanks for sitting down to speak to Cooking Circles this month. I reached out to you because I related to your feel-good newsletters targeting women and their wellbeing. You run a business, Jacqueline Evans Skin Care that is built on some core principles of health and wellbeing. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Absolute please Heidi. I am thrilled to be here. My background in nutrition and naturopathy led me in a round about way over many years to creating a line of natural skin care. I believe that skin care should be based on science, nature and common sense.

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Healthy skin is an integral part of good health.  Our skin is a reflection of the overall health of our body. The skin is one of the main channels of elimination. If any of our other channels are overburdened, such as the digestive system, kidneys, lymphatic system or lungs, the skin must work harder to compensate, and in turn may show signs of this over working, such as redness, acne or other blemishes.   So you can see, why it’ so important to look at the whole body and not just what’s going on at the skin level.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is semi-permeable membrane, meaning what we put onto our skin is absorbed directly into our bodies. The skin will absorb up to 60% of what is applied to it. Sending it full strength into the blood stream where it becomes material for building new body tissues or it becomes potent toxic waste.  So, here’s the thing, if we absorb what we put on our skin, and some ingredients are questionable about the way they may affect our hormones or cause irritation, it makes sense to me to choose plant based ingredients, which will work with your skin and not against it.

You and I approach women’s wellbeing in different ways – you with natural skin care products and me with cooking networks. Why is women’s wellbeing and self-care important to you?

This is a subject I am incredibly passionate about. I am constantly amazed and concerned how many women feel insecure about their skin. We are a world obsessed with outer beauty and I am on a mission to teach women that beauty is so much deeper that that. It’s all encompassing in the choices we make – the cosmetics and skincare we choose to use, the food we choose to eat, the relationships ships we choose to be involved in, beliefs systems we choose to listen to.

Now for a couple of questions for my curiosity! You incorporate a range of plant-based ingredients in your products. What are your favourite plants to use and why?

Hands down my favourite ingredient to use is Argan Oil for a number of reasons. Argan is extracted from the argan nut, which is native to Morocco.  It has many culinary and cosmetic uses worldwide. Cosmetically, it is super high in various vitamins and fatty acids, which really support the skin to keep hydrated and rejuvenate itself. I call it liquid gold, because it just works so beautifully with all skin types.

The production of argan oil has always had a socioeconomic function also. At present, argan oil production supports about 2.2 million people in the main argan oil-producing region, the Arganeraie.  Much of the argan oil produced today is made by a number of women’s co-operatives, providing income and education as a by-product.

Cooking alongside other women at Cooking Circles’ events is one of my favourite parts of the program. Do you like to cook alone or with others? What are your favourite foods?

I love to cook with my two young daughters. Teaching them about food and where it comes from is incredibly important to me. I want them to grow up with a healthy relationship to food.  I long gave up on caring about the mess we create when we cook together, and I just try to enjoy the experience.  I am completely addicted to all cheese (all kinds and every kind), and such a sweet tooth that loves dark chocolate.  At the moment I am loving adding sauerkraut to my dinners. Sauerkraut is pickled cabbage and amazing for the gut. A tablespoon on the side of you evening meal is all you need.

Cooking is also special because it breaks the ice between women, connecting people who until then were strangers. What is one of your favourite memories of meeting new people and departing as friends?

Relating this question back to food, of course. Several years ago, I took my then 4-year-old daughter to a birthday party. I quickly noticed the food that her Mum was handing around – it was right up my alley – clean, whole food, you know real food, and not too much of that sugar laden party food to be seen. Anyway, I couldn’t help but ask her if she was into nutrition. And bam, from that moment on an instant friendship grew. And now it’s a friendship that’s all encompassing – food, filling lunchboxes, managing toddler tantrums, relationship ups and downs, books we like to read, movies we like to watch..it’s a lovely equal friendship..and it all started with her homemade meatballs!

Do you have an inspirational quote that gets you out of bed on those tough days?

Gratitude gets me out of bed each morning. Just taking a second or two to be really thankful for the small things in my life. But most mornings I am just grateful for all the morning snuggles I get with my girls.

It has been a pleasure, Jacqueline!

Thanks SO much for having me – can’t wait to see what else is in store for Cooking Circles in the future.

To find out more about Jacqueline visit http://www.jacquelineevans.com.au/about/meet-jacqueline

Jacqueline Evans Skin Care can be browsed and bought online at http://www.jacquelineevans.com.au/

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